Terri Tashae Da Boss Grant introducing brand new single

(Hard Work & Dedication) Terri Tashae Da Boss Grant is an artist with a focus on creating music with an innovative spirit.

Posted January 1,2020 in Music.

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Terri Tashae Da Boss Grantis an artist with a focus on creating music with an innovative spirit. Her most recent single release, Hard Work Dedication, is a stunning example of her sonic vision and aesthetics. The song has a positive and affirmative meaning, pushing people to empower themselves and improve their lives.

The song is a forward-thinking exploration of several hip-hop influences, with stunning melodies and great production aesthetics that truly highlight the punch and width of this track. The mix is absolutely spotless, and it allow each element to sit seamlessly within its right place. The rhythm section is solid and fat, while the melodies are warm and present, without ever overpowering the vocals.


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