The CRib: Bringing The Real World In Front Of Your Screens

also known as ‘Lil T3rry’, COO Mike ‘Southside Mike’ Barnes and co-host Shamelle ‘Redd’ Waddel, ‘The CRib’ is an YouTube channel that aims to talk on prominent topics that are taking place out there in the real world, while also talking about inspirational stories in the pe

Started in the year 2019,The CRibwas created out of the need for being able to talk on topics that are happening in todays world. It is also a platform, which allows you to express yourself and reach out to other people by being yourself. The creators of the show admire YouTube channels like TheBreakfast ClubandDrink Champs, and hope to become as famous and relevant as them one day.

With an aim to become the no1 talk show in the entire world,The CRibtalks on almost every topic; raw and uncut. The creators of the talk show have an aim to create a solid foundation with the help of which they would be able to give back to the community and help families that are in need of such help. CONTINUE ARTICLE HERE

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