How to Face Your Inner Demons

If you’re reading this, you probably experience anxiety in one form or the other, but don’t know where those feelings come from.

Posted November 11,2019 in Life Style.

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If youre reading this, you probably experience anxiety in one form or the other, but dont know where those feelings come from. This is completely normal and is a sign that you are ready- ready to understand the origins of your anxiety and ready to work your way around and overcome it. This article shows you how to address your mental and physical battles while digging deeper into the source of your anxiety - your inner demons so to speak.

Putting Events, Emotions, and Vibrations Together

The confusion and anxiety you feel today could be the result of seeds planted in your past. And so, dwelling into your past, into memories that you perhaps would otherwise like to avoid andforget or have consciously erased from your mind, can help piece together the source of your anxiety.

Review Your World -Many times, people with anxiety know they are experiencing anxious feelings. They can tell you how they feel, but dont know why they feel a way. Thats why journaling can be such an important tool to help address and overcome anxiety.  Daily, for two weeks at least, mindfully observe your thoughts, emotions, and bodily reactions.

1)Ask yourself what is going on when you start noticing your emotions and body signals. Write your experiences when they are fresh.  Use feeling words to describe any powerful and/or repetitive emotion. For instance, happy, energetic, nervous, sweaty, tired, dizzy and so on.

2)Because we want to know the cause of your anxiety, especially note down the feelings that make you feel anxious. Make a note of the situations that led up to it.

3.)At the end of the second week (or more if you wish), reflect on the anxious feelings and situations. Compare them to your notes from worksheet 4. Do you see a pattern? Make a note of your thoughts.

Imagining the Worst -Life can be rough sometimes. Bad things can happen without a plan and then can leave behind a sense of lasting pain and fear. But sometimes, our mind can fantasize about things that never happened and probably might never happen too. These things can be our biggest fears. We can imagine catastrophic events and jump to the worst possible conclusions with no reason or logic. And so, by doing that repeatedly, you live the experience thatmany times (because your mind and body might not be able to differentiate real from the imaginary world).

Self-Blame. Self Loathe. All of it. -Rachel suffers from constant worry and anxiety. Some she says are the result of the busy life she leads. She wakes up at 5 am every day, travels an hour to reach work, is constantly rushing through meetings and deadlines, takes another hour to reach home at 8 pm, cooks and finishes her dinner, prepares for the next day before she can go to sleep at 11 pm.

Sometimes things get rough, her anxiety kicks in as a result of her worst imagination. Heres how she says her mind plays out events when that happens: As a result, she blames and hates herself.

My throat hurts. I think I can feel a bump. What if its cancer? Am I going to die? What will happen to my family once Im gone? Will they miss me?

I remember a bad/traumatic experience and replay that event repeatedly, imagining it is happening again. Sometimes, I imagine it being worse too and my responses are very real.

I see a group of people giggling in front of me. Are they laughing at me? Is it my dress? Do I look okay? Did I do something odd or funny? I need to get out of here. Why do people always make fun of me? I dont deserve this. Nobody likes me. Im hopeless.

My manager didnt greet me as usual. I wonder if he/she is upset about my work. What if I get fired? What about my bills? Why cant I do anything right? Why am I never good enough? I hate myself.

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